Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors is the second Board elected in the Annual General Meeting held on the 16th June, 2016. Their term will wind up in 2021. There are seven of them, of which four are new members, and three are saving second term.

Adv. Edna Faustine Kamaleki
Board Member / TCRF Chairperson

Managing Director, Legal & Child Rights Consult Organization

Advocate Edna is Practicing Advocate of the High Court, Founder and Managing Director of Legal & Child Rights Consult Organization. Edna joined the Board in an election held on June 2016 and elected the Board Chairperson two year after, on July 2018. She is a known Child Rights Activist and Professional Consultant with More than 14 years of working experience. Her field of expertise include child rights, child protection, governance, human rights, gender based violence, conflict resolution and policy analysis accumulated from her previous work with UN and international organizations. She brings with her, in-depth knowledge of and experience in the field of child justice, and child protection and child policies and strategies in general. Her child rights work has been instrumental to children, civil society organizations and community members.

Ms. Angela Benedicto Mnagoza
Board Member

Executive Director, WoteSawa Organization

Angela is an Award Winner of Young Queen Leaders from Common Worth Countries for promoting the rights of the child domestic workers. Angela founded the WoteSawa Organization which provides support to the child domestic workers out of her personal experience of growing orphan and her previous work as a child domestic worker. For over the past five years, she has devoted her life in promoting women and children’s rights especially the rights of child domestic workers, providing immediate support, awareness raising on the protection needs and attempting to change public attitudes towards this marginalized workforce. Angela joined the Board in an Annual General Meeting election held in June 2016.

Mr. Koshuma Shabani Mtengeti
Board Member

Executive Director, Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) 

Koshuma Mtengeti is a child rights expert and social science researcher with 12 years’ experience of working with community development and human rights organizations. Joined the Board in June 2016, his areas of technical expertise include designing and managing of the child rights and research projects, advocacy on policy reform, preparation and administering of the trainings, evaluation and monitoring of projects. He has managed a number of child rights projects, researches and trainings on diverse issues; ranging from children rights to education, health, protection and participation to macro-policy issues as well as contemporary issues such as democracy, good governance and poverty in general.

Scholastica Barnabas Pembe
Board Member

Executive Director New Hope New Winner foundation

Scholastica is a Social Worker by profession, a known child rights and gender rights activist. She joins the Board after election in the Annual General Meeting held in Singida on July 2018. is bringing with her an experience from a long outstanding field work directly with children from vulnerable population especially children without parental care and children on the move. She is also known for her skills in supporting families with parenting skills and family care practices, a facilitator and professional councilor. Scholastica provides unique position in the board in the fact that her Social Work Skills and her professional background are essential for the child rights sector that TCRF advocate for.

Mr. Evans Melkion Tegete
Board Member

Managing Director of Friends of Don Bosco (WatotoWetu Tanzania)

Evans is a Founder and Managing Director of the then which has been transformed to be known as WatotoWetu Tanzania. He joined the Board in an Annual General Meeting election held in June 2016. He brings with him strong facilitation skills with children, a known Youth Facilitator on various Child Rights related topics, life skills and HIV/AIDS. He is Human Resource Manager by profession and a talented Master of ceremony. He is a passionate with community work with children an area he has strong knowledge of with focus on helping most vulnerable children and youth in need.

Outgoing Members of the Board of Directors

Mr. Sabas Benedict Masawe
Outgoing Chairperson of the Board

Coordinator, The Dogodogo Street Children Trust

Mr massawe has saved as the Board Chairperson from the beginning of the Network and has been a key player behind the successes we count today. He has taken the network from the conceptualization, to formation and brought it through storms and even stabilized it to regain its trust and strength in coordinated efforts towards promoting implementation of the right of the child in Tanzania. Sabas, popularly known as Mzee Masawe, is an Ex-Jesuit Missionary, and a known long serving child rights activist. His history in the child rights sector is backed to 90’s with his work among others being with the most prominent child rights institution, Kuleana and has seen the evolving history of child rights activism and defending initiatives in the country through. He has vast experience in Conflict resolution, Leadership, Management, Policy advisory and Networking. Now he is saving as a Coordinator of Dogodogo Centre Street Children Trust, which focusses on rights of the children on the move and those living and working on the streets in Dar es Salaam.

Mwl. Richard Frank Satterthwaite Mabala
Outgoing Board Member

Executive Director, Taasisi ya Maendeleo Shirikishi ya Vijana Arusha (TAMASHA).

Richard Mabala has resigned his position as a Board member of the TCRF following his decision to retire from TAMASHA. Richard, popularly known as Mwalimu Mabala, and other related names for his respectful work in facilitation and the vast series of books he has authored, as an academic writer, columnist and novelist. Some popular work you may be familiar with are Mabala the Farmer, Hawa the Bus Driver of which majority of the Tanzanians today are reading as part of their curriculum in basic education e.t.c You may also be very familiar with the Makengeza column of which he author in the Mwananchi Newspaper. Mwalimu Mabala is Tanzanian holding several awards including the Harlow the Burt Prize for African Literature, and the Africa wide competition for writing for children on the environment. He grew up in his carrier from the secondary school teacher in central Tanzania, to the Lecturer at the University of Dar Es Salaam and ended up in high level Regional UN work before founding and now the Executive Director of TAMASHA, an institution focusing on young people and youth participation and empowerment in development.

Mr. Darius Lewis Mhawi
Outgoing Board Member

Programme Coordinator Tukolene Youth Development Centre 

Darius Mhawi is also one of the long saving Board member, He saw TCRF from conceptualization to the stage it has reached so far. His position as a member of the Board also expires for the reason that he no longer save the organization that brought him to the Board position. Darius Mhawi brought with him Organizational Development skills, and is known for his strong background work with children and youth in urban community for over ten years, where he has been working to provide education opportunity for those who missed it, and advocated for the rights of the child with local authority and national levels. He is a teacher by profession and with strong knowledge in work around Water and Sanitation, the area of which he has been contributing through support in policy and advocacy related initiatives at a national network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector (TAWASANET).

Peace for all children

Did you know?

The Law of the Child Act 2009 standardise the definition of a child in the country. Sec 4(1) A person below the age of eighteen years shall be known as a child.

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