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Tanzania Child Rights Forum - TCRF believes that we are working together for Our Generation, and the result of every piece of our work has a significant impact on the current development situation, not only the future; as you are reading this, there is a child who is turning 18, taking more legally binding adult responsibilities. Welfare and wellbeing of today’s children matters for a sustained productivity of any nation.

TCRF is a member’s established Charity and not for profit Company, providing a networking function with members reaching about 200 institution that are not governmental and are working with and for children in Tanzania. TCRF drives a common agenda for the country children; promoting the work of members and supporting members to improve their standards with children.

Zanzibar National Plan of Action on VAWC
National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Wmen and Children in Tanzania
Did you know?

The Law of the Child Act 2009 standardise the definition of a child in the country. Sec 4(1) A person below the age of eighteen years shall be known as a child.

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