Our Core Values

TCRF is committed to:

  1. The Protection of Children Against all forms of abuse, exploitation and violence against children and sets mechanisms, policies and procedures and provide support to member organisations to ensure that they do adopt the same commitments;
  2. Accountability, transparency, mutual communication and participation of beneficiaries in all the operations including financial, activities and procedures and take measures to ensure that the commitments are not exploited rather providing advantage over memberís commitments towards the forum;
  3. Recognises the diverse of cultural, political and social status of the community it saves, continue to indulge in non-discriminatory positions in any operations that relate to political, tribal, religion, ethnicity or certain social status or group;
  4. Work to promote equality and protect the rights of the oppressed and minority groups in the community where there is implication to suppress the rights of the children and children are potentially in danger;
  5. Maintain recognition of the strength and challenges the government in developing countries faces, and continue to take a partnership approach and enhancing ownership in dealing with issues that needs government attention and provide necessary support to members and government in ensuring that the proposed productive positive actions are realized;
  6. Take measures to ensure that it is not implicated in any movements or actions that contravene the above commitments.

Peace for all children

Did you know?

The Law of the Child Act 2009 standardise the definition of a child in the country. Sec 4(1) A person below the age of eighteen years shall be known as a child.

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