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Tanzania Child Rights Forum - TCRF believes that we are working together for Our Generation, and the result of every piece of our work has a significant impact on the current development situation, not only the future; as you are reading this, there is a child who is turning 18, taking more legally binding adult responsibilities. Welfare and wellbeing of today's children matters for a sustained productivity of any nation.

TCRF is a member's established Charity and not for profit Company, providing a networking function with members reaching about 200 institution that are not governmental and are working with and for children in Tanzania. TCRF drives a common agenda for the country children; promoting the work of members and supporting members to improve their standards with children.

Since establishment in 2012, TCRF has taken over the role of influencing practices, monitoring and reporting on the progress related to child rights enterprises. We reach children through direct work with children's forums; independent networks of thematic child rights defenders; member Civil Societies that work with and for children in the community and households; and business entities that by the nature of their business, their products comes into contact with, or have influence on the life of the child.

We have been working through our network, to inspire practices, policies and legislations that fulfil the internationally recognised standards. TCRF progressively work to see that, all businesses, plans, actions and decisions concerning children, are made with the goal of fostering and encouraging the child's happiness, security, mental health, and emotional development into young adulthood. We put every effort for everyone, under any circumstance, to consider NO HARM to any child in any undertaking.

We believe that one of the most effective approach with sustained impact is to respect and build on strengths, whether with children, member institutions, or governments, we therefore inspire others to reflect the same. TCRF consistently influence the work of Civil Societies, Private Sectors and Government to take the rights of the child as core principals in all of their businesses. We help members and our targets through various capacity building activities to understand that, a meaningful child participation and of their parents and community is not just a standard approach and methodology to adopt, but have huge positive impact and beneficial to their businesses. Since human being in every organizations, in one way or another, encounter childhood in everyday life, we support members to adopt non-discriminatory policies, procedures and principals at work and in their business and put measures to prevent any kind of discrimination.

We are the lead agent among platforms of non-government actors in the movement to end Violence Against Children in Tanzania, and committed to support the effort towards realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (the UN Agenda 2030 and AU Agenda 2063). This mandate and the mandate to independently monitor and reporting on the child rights implementation progress in the country, engages us with the African Union and United Nation's child rights mechanisms and CSO's platforms.

Peace for all children

Did you know?

The Law of the Child Act 2009 standardise the definition of a child in the country. Sec 4(1) A person below the age of eighteen years shall be known as a child.

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