Our Vision and Mission

TCRF Vision
Together for Our Generation to realise a population that through their childhood, they thrive and grow up free from harm to their fullest potential and add value to the social, political and economic development of our nations.

TCRF Mission
TCRF mission is to brings together Civil Societies and Private Sectors to work together to support and promote the welfare and wellbeing of our children in Tanzania through Coordinated invention of evidence, timely advocacy, Monitoring and Reporting of implementation status of national, regional and international children rights commitments.

TCRF Strategic business objectives

  1. To strengthen members coordinated networking systems and mechanisms for effective and efficient promotion of the rights of the child.
  2. To improve the capacity of our members in performing their work and delivering evidence based timely advocacy on the rights of the child.
  3. To increase the effectiveness of monitoring and reporting systems and mechanisms on the implementation of the National Child Rights commitments.
  4. To provide a base for knowledge and practice among members across the country and inter-nationally in order to share best practices and evidences for the realization of the rights of the child.

Peace for all children

Did you know?

The Law of the Child Act 2009 standardise the definition of a child in the country. Sec 4(1) A person below the age of eighteen years shall be known as a child.

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